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About Xunlei

Xunlei Limited Founded in 2003, Xunlei Limited (NASDAQ: XNET) is a global leading innovator in shared computing and blockchain technology. Started more than a decade ago with its patented P2SP technologies for downloading acceleration, including Individual and corporate users are benefiting from multiple products of Xunlei, which include digital entertainment, cloud acceleration, cloud storage and cloud computing products. With its technological competence in delivering smart, efficient and safe internet experience, Xunlei is ever expanding its customer base. Xunlei is making giant strides and emerging as a technology leader in the world blockchain application. Venturing modestly into the world of blockchain technology in 2005 in China, in a short span of over a decade, it stands out in global blockchain technology space. By offering a portfolio of multiple products and services, Xunlei delivers an efficient, smart and safe Internet experience for its users worldwide. In 2015, Xunlei started to expand into the blockchain sector and launched China’s most popular and widely-used blockchain-based applications, becoming a leader in blockchain technology in the world.

As China’s largest data transmission service provider, Xunlei creates a leading cloud-based acceleration product matrix architecture in downloading acceleration, network acceleration and uploading acceleration, offering consumer-level products and services including Xunlei Download Manager, Xunlei Live Streaming, Xunlei Media Player, Xunlei Game Accelerator etc. Built upon the technology innovation, Xunlei has leveraged its resources and technological strengths to enable smart optimization of content delivery acceleration and deliver great user experience.

Also, as one of the pioneers in cloud computing and blockchain, Xunlei released shared computing-based products in April 2015. A mega-node shared computing network built upon Xunlei’s Minecrafter and OneThing Cloud is now in place. Leveraging its strengths in innovative technologies, big data and computing resources, Xunlei’s shared computing platform StellarCloud, provides numerous corporate customers and partners with leading advanced technological services, and successfully leads the industry’s technical progress and service upgrade. Xunlei has also launched ThunderChain, a high-performance blockchain infrastructure capable of handling millions of transactions per second (TPS) with confirmation capability in seconds, which dramatically improves the overall performance standards of the blockchain technology.


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