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About Ultrain

Founded in Hangzhou China during 2017, Ultrain Technology Limited is a next generation public-blockchain technology venture that focuses on building a high performance decentralized blockchain platform through its programmable tech-infrastructure. Ultrain is committed to construct a responsible and sustainable commercial ecosystem that enables all industrial applications.

With its groundbreaking innovations in cryptography and based upon a complete decentralized public network, Ultrain is able to provide multi-folds more advanced technical performance to fundamentally solve the performance and scalability issues comparing to other traditional public blockchain platforms.

Based on tremendous improvements of performance and extremely low costs, Ultrain can function as the infrastructure of blockchain’s value computation to enable all kinds of scalable decentralized applications(DAPPs), and provide trusted computational services to a wide range of sectors, such as financial services, shared economy, healthcare, retail, logistics and media &entertainment.

Founded by former key tech-leaders of Alibaba and Ant Financial Service Group and co-founded by top global financial, community and academic talents, Ultrain is dedicated to push the landing of Ultrain technology onto global businesses and to establish a global programmable business society.


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