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About TrustLogics

The Global Standard For The Hiring Process – TrustLogics is the missing link​ in the highly complex and multifaceted business of connecting job seekers with potential employers. Providing recruiters with access to available talent in a global workforce.The benefits of Trustlogics are significant and now highly desirable at a time of heightened security and concerns for data protection..

TrustLogics is an award winning Disruptive Web & Mobile platform that makes it possible for job seekers, recruiters, and businesses to communicate more effectively globally by sharing verified data. Providing the highest level of confidence during prescreening. It presents a new standard for the employment market, whereby users create data blocks and define their own rules through the TrustLogics global information gateway.

Powered by Artificial intelligence & Blockchain technologies. For the job seeker the creation of a TrustLogics account means a one-time input of basic bio details and job history. More dynamic information such as academic qualifications, background checks, professional registrations need only be verified and kept current, reducing time and cost to the job seeker. Job seeker will use his/hers private job network connections for their job life without the need to repeat inefficient repetitive processes in the future when changing or searching for jobs.

TrustLogics gives employers the ability to search and sort their candidates network and immediately verify the availability globally of a candidate in real-time* before any work is undertaken to vet and contact the candidate. Once it has been established that a candidate is available for work, the recruiter can begin to assess the suitability of the candidate based on accurate and updated pre-screened information.


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