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Tracking and Insurtech App – Traxit a tracking multi service company is changing the way we track our belongings, starting from the Aviation vertical. Depositing a patent involving the Traxit algorithm and multi-sensor device enables tracking of checked-in luggage worldwide.

Compliant with the two world Aviation Safety Agencies rulings (FAA and EASA regulations), works with a M2M Sim-on-chip connected to GSM network, with an app for smartphone (under development), a desktop version for handlers and airports and an innovative Travel insurance package.

Traxit empowers the passenger by connecting to their personal belonging with any mean of transportation. The frustration generated by delayed luggage is gone, transformed into a positive experience thanks to our insurance global partner that supplies pocket money for immediate expenses to delayed luggage owners through Smart contracts: an automated claim process with no human intervention will also supply immediate compensation for disrupted and delayed flights. The Company Vision: Happier and empowered travelers.


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