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About Tradeium

Tradeium offers a cryptocurrency first portfolio optimization trading bot. By remotely connecting to your Binance account, TrendBot trades between your favorite coins using its professional trading strategy.

Just sign-up with Tradeium, connect to your Binance exchange, and monitor TrendBots performance.

Features of Tradeium 
Proven Strategy: TrendBot uses an advances dual momentum strategy. Taking advantage of absolute and relative momentum on multiple timeframes.
Customizable: Customize the portfolio you want TrendBot to trade. It will only trade within your selected portfolio, ignoring all other coins.
Full Custody: Your cryptocurrency assets stay on your exchange. We do not have permission to withdraw at any time.
Cloud-Based: TrendBot is ran on cloud servers 24/7. No need to install software or keep your computer running.
User Friendly: Our intuitive user interface makes it easy to track performance, monitor trades and balances, and customize your portfolio.

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