Only relevance has impact.

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THE RELEVANCE HOUSE is a full-service branding, marketing and communications agency for firms in the blockchain and emerging technology sector. We focus on helping innovative start-ups and projects build and communicate a relevant brand and story. Why? Because only relevance has impact.

THE RELEVANCE HOUSE is structured in three different units that work hand in hand for our clients. Using a proven set of proprietary methodologies and tools, we create and execute high-quality brand, go-to-market, funding, storytelling and growth hacking strategies that have a measurable positive impact for your business.

We work as an integral part of your company’s team guided by a highly structured process. This covers the three phases of building a brand and a business: get ready, go live, and go big. To accomplish this, we have three distinct in-house units covering each phase: THE DISTILLERY, THE STUDIO and THE DELIVERY.

  • THE DISTILLERY, as the name suggests, is where we draw out the essence of the brand and create a strong and relevant brand proposition and story.
  • THE STUDIO is where strategies are developed, and the brand is shaped and brought to life. This includes developing a communication and marketing strategy, producing presentations, project
    and investor decks, building your website as well as finalising brand design elements and selecting and setting up the appropriate communication channels.
  • THE DELIVERY, is where we craft relevant stories and target them to your target groups, clients, investors, the community, press, influencers and prospects to promote an intriguing, inclusive and engaging dialogue.

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