The Elephant

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About The Elephant

The Elephant is an Israeli-owned global platform that operates as a secondary market place for private tech shares. The platform presents a portfolio of private shares in pre-IPO companies, which are offered for sale by private shareholders.

We have chosen to concentrate our efforts on the “small” shareholder, “small” investors and “small” transactions. We chose to do so because we see the social benefit that this strategy can bring with it, though, obviously, this does not limit us from facilitating any other type of transaction that may come our way.

Our strategy supports the democratization of the private equity market, by allowing the small players, mostly employees, to enjoy the financial benefits of their shares – the shares they have worked so hard to get – if and when they choose to do so. With The Elephant Platform, they no longer need to wait for the management to decide if, when and under what terms it is willing to or interested in performing a buy-back of shares, to publicly list the company or to perform an exit.

The Company was declared as ranking among the top 100 innovative companies in Europe in 2016. It has also developed innovative models that specialize, in particular, in a low-entry threshold, in order to expand access for investors to the platform, to know-how and to close and extensive connections with the sellers of the shares. The Company works in collaboration with the world’s leading professional ecosystem, in both the purchase and sale of the shares.


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