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About Stryking Entertainment

Blockchain Sports Gaming – Stryking specialises in sports fan engagement and monetisation by combining the real and virtual world to create genuine interaction opportunities for fans, stars and brands. With the innovative fantasy sports platform Football-Stars, Stryking has created a thrilling and diversified gaming experience on web and mobile platforms for football fans worldwide.

So far fantasy sports platforms centrally provide different fantasy leagues and contests for users to choose from. The operators define the content, the winning criteria and the costs for users to participate. With the introduction of the STRYKZ utility token in summer 2018, Stryking will enable users to contribute and actively participate in the expansion and running of the platform, turning every fantasy sports fan into a contributor and creator.

Stryking’s thrilling fantasy sports platform will provide millions of fans with the most immersive, interactive and lucrative experience to manage teams, compete against peers in daily challenges and get rewarded with exclusive fan experiences. Nothing beats the passion supporters feel for their sport and our fantasy sports solution turns this passion into online engagement.

Our vision is to bring sports fans as close to the real action as they can get!


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