Solaris Farm

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About Solaris Farm

Solaris Farms is one of a few large greenhouse cultivators in Las Vegas, Nevada. After perfecting cultivation, Solaris is now focused on developing brands. Expansion to top 20 North-American size has been carefully planned and is in the funding process.

A strong management team of industry veterans committed to a high degree of corporate professionalism with high-tech equipment, modularity, automation, scalability, and business processes. The result is profitability, passing product of high quality for a low cost and at scale.

Solaris Farms has leveraged the experience acquired in developing our first phase facility to build a bigger, better and more economically designed one on the remaining land. We have planned an expansion phase with a greenhouse design adjusted for a variety of different plant outcomes and cost parameters. Initial investment commitments have kicked off the funding process. We also intend to provide a large production hosting facility, complementing the Solaris brand with partners covering the spectrum of consumer products. Our distribution and retail partnerships will complete this vertical integration.

With increasing demand, lower prices, falling state barriers, and entry of large-scale national corporate players, the existing cannabis industry has no choice but to focus on large-scale economical cultivation solutions that increasingly embrace strong corporate organizational principles.

Solaris is here with a proven business model based on existing operating facilities, and well thought-out expansion plans on their way to construction permits, and now ready to take on new investment and brand partners.


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