SimplyFI Softech India Pvt. Ltd.

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About SimplyFI Softech India Pvt. Ltd.

SimplyFI’s is a secured digital marketplace developed to provide both liquidity and efficiency in the import-export supply chain. SimplyFI is a B2B marketplace and one single source for both supply chain finance and trade services powered by cutting-edge cryptography which ensures both data privacy and auditability in real time.

SimplyFI is built on enterprise-grade Blockchain Technology to support global trade deals with the infrastructure needed to participate with a high-available and highly-scalable network where trade services which include financial, shipping and insurance services, quality services which can inter-operate and collaborate in a secure way.

The company also specialize in delivering end to end solutions for the smart connected world through IOT and AI technologies. We uncover the new ways of harnessing data and generate insights to create a more holistic and better user experiences with our products.


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