Fully automated digital identity verification built to ensure the security of the internet

cat-icon Nordic Countries, Scandinavia


A new Learning experience for the NEW TECHIES


The Nordics leading blockchain company. Consultancy work and own product development.

cat-icon Nordic Countries, Scandinavia

Aion Sigma

Fair finance and digital inclusion for everyone

cat-icon European Union (EU), Nordic Countries, Scandinavia

Blockchain Help

One stop solution to all cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions

cat-icon MHJM 3W København 1100 Copenhagen, 234, København, Copenhagen 1100, DK


Investing in the blockchain revolution.

cat-icon European Union (EU), Nordic Countries, Scandinavia


Providing Proof of the Truth

cat-icon Drottningholmsvägen 10, 5 tr, 112 42, Stockholm, SWEDEN

Nordic Blockchain Association

Pioneering And Co-Creating Systems For A Better Future.

cat-icon Njalsgade 76, Amager Vest, Capital Region DK

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