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About sāf.ai

sāf.ai enables data to become self-aware, self-healing, and self-defending. The data-centric SaaS is an innovative solution that uses artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to interweave every file and data-record with its own security operations. Data breaches primarily result from a combination of human error and the exploitation of gaps in perimeter security. By fusing data with artificial intelligence, sāf.ai eliminates those gaps and provides a solution that is:

Comprehensive: It’s compatible with any type of data, any operating system, and for any organization seeking to protect its data – no technical expertise required.
People-Proof – It protects against accidental deletions, phishing attacks, insider threats, etc.

Blockchain technology enables instantaneous recovery in the event of any data loss or corruption. sāf.ai is evergreen so there’s no need to manually update or patch, also works with all existing hardware/software so there’s no need to rip and replace technology.

sāf.ai presents itself as network storage (e.g. a network shared drive), a hard drive or a database; it can be deployed as a POSIX filesystem, as a software-defined storage system, or as an object-store.


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