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About Protoblock

Protoblock is the first blockchain gaming company for fantasy football. Since 2014, Protoblock has been decentralizing the world of fantasy sports. Our custom built blockchain provides a platform for fantasy football experts to monetize their skill through Fantasybit mining. Our native cryptocurrency, the Fantasybit, is mined when players correctly predict the performance of NFL fantasy football players, but Protoblock offers more than traditional fantasy football leagues can.

Protoblock’s decentralized exchange allows players to short NFL athletes who they think will bust, or long those who have the potential to become the next superstar, meaning that your knowledge of football and the NFL can be directly rewarded with crypto. Hedge your regular fantasy football lineups using the Protoblock platform and work your way up the leaderboard to become an expert! Our exclusive Proof-of-Skill consensus algorithm rewards your knowledge, experience, and skill – no fees, no player exclusivity, no specialized memberships – play on a daily or season long basis without the limitations of a drafted team. Visit our website to learn how you can start tokenizing your football skill and earning Fantasybits.


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