Producers Market (Token)

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About Producers Market (Token)

Producers Market is a marketetplace platform dedicated to empowering its producer members around the globe with access to innovative digitization, aggregation, and marketing tools.

Our strategies focus on the promotion of producers and their products to upstream buyers, and provide linkage through digital stories and trust validation to the end consumer point of sale. The access to end consumers is facilitated through our current strategy of direct relationships with retailers, CPG brands, food service providers, and distributors.

Producers Market works to align value chain stakeholders around our shared core values:

Farmer Empowerment: in the form of increased market-channel optionality, higher prices, better margins, faster payments, efficient aggregation, and greater consistency, professionalism and security through the digitization of contracts, transactions and purchase agreements.

Regeneration: in the form of validation of environmental impacts, claims and practices, and the streamlined digital storytelling from producer to consumer to build trust, and to create a framework and marketplace around economic incentives for impactful practices.

Transparency: in the form of scaled visibility of producers, products and product ingredient sources and their validated impact on workers, community, consumers and the ecosystem.


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