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PIBBLE is a Blockchain-based cryptocurrency that allows image creators and consumers to be together, compensating them for the work they create, use and enjoy. The “images” that PIBBLE Project handles are not only a picture or a stock image but also various kinds of images such as a cartoon, a character, an illustration, a graphic, a picture of entertainers (singer, actor etc.) and video stills.

By using the Blockchain/Smart Contract technology, we expect to aid in generating fair revenue for image creators while, at the same time, minimizing copyright infringement problems.
PIBBLE Ecosystem is a platform where anyone can become a creator/consumer of image contents. As the system is built on a global network, anyone can produce and use images without time or space limitations.

The PIBBLE Ecosystem, which utilizes Blockchain, especially takes note of countless of images that are generated in the age of SNS and promotes a structure where anyone can generate profits as image creators through the use of cryptocurrency, promoting an image marketplace where anyone can participate in.

The biggest problem of many projects that utilizes cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology is that it is difficult to attract people who are not yet informed or has no interest in Blockchain or cryptocurrency platform. PIBBLE, however, can utilize the already popular culture of creating images. PIBBLE can provide a marketplace where anyone can become creator/consumer of image contents which can motivate people who are not interested in cryptocurrency to participate.


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