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About Parallel

Wellbeing reimagined – Humans across the globe and of all walks of life want to live at their personal best, and are seeking more natural alternatives to feeling their best and getting the most out of life. Today, they are discovering the answer through natural cannabinoid products. At the same time, science and technology are unlocking the future potential of cannabinoids. We believe that cannabinoids, when used responsibly, have the power to enhance the full spectrum of well-being and to help us live healthier and happier lives. Parallel is improving the well-being of our consumers today through our proprietary, innovative brands, while planting seeds for the future through our robust innovation and high bar for business standards.

We meet our consumers’ needs wherever they are on their path to improve their health and happiness because our brands cover the full spectrum of well-being. We are beside them whether they need recovery, relief, rest, or even revelry.

To live their physical, mental and emotional best, they have to live intentionally. When they do so, they seek the best products and intertwine them in their life. We are committed to helping our consumers follow their own path to living intentionally and being their best every day through our portfolio of brands and products. Across our diverse portfolio of trusted and proprietary brands, we provide innovative cannabinoid products designed to work in parallel to multi-faceted nature of everyday human well-being with the highest degree of uncompromising quality, safety, consistency and efficacy.

Parallel Promise: Inspired by Nature, Optimized by Science
We will improve our consumers well-being and quality of life through our natural cannabinoid products today, while at the same time we will continue to innovate through science, technology and R&D to bring them unparalleled products that will transform how they live their best tomorrow.


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