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About NatureTrak

Risk Management for Banks & Credit Unions – NatureTrak is an enterprise software company that provides Risk Management & Compliance solutions to financial institutions that work with cannabis related businesses (CRBs). NatureTrak has the only platform that is vertically integrated throughout the CRB’s supply chain, yet accessible by core banking systems. From inventory management, distribution, logistics and digital transactions, NatureTrak’s solutions provide the transparency, visibility & business intelligence needed by financial institutions to confidently serve their clients who operate Marijuana, CBD, or Hemp businesses.

The biggest challenge facing the legal cannabis industry today is the burden of regulatory compliance faced by financial institutions servicing this industry. Costly in both human and financial resources, it is preventing basic banking services from being made widely available to legal cannabis business owners.

NatureTrak is the solution to this problem: Our marijuana activity detection (MAD) technology is a “best in class” cannabis-related business (CRB) risk management compliance platform. Our proprietary platform provides banks complete insight into the business activities and operations of their cannabis banking clients.

Vertically integrated throughout the supply chain, MAD tracks, traces and validates – in real-time – the identity, status, and location of any product, business or employee in parallel with federal and state databases to provide a refined analysis of the industry businesses and clientele throughout the chain of custody.

We meet or exceed regulatory requirements in all jurisdictions that we currently service, allowing the bank’s compliance team to meet their required reporting mandates.

NatureTrak brings full transparency to every aspect of the Cannabis industry, from Seed to Bank


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