MVP Workshop

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About MVP Workshop

MVP Workshop is a blockchain product research and development studio driven by the exploration of disruptive technologies and their application in real-life scenarios.

We have many years of product experience, but still continue to learn by building, defining, and growing products using disruptive technology. If you are looking to create a new market and value network, partner with us and we can help you validate your idea, and build your product.

We go way back. MVP is built by old friends and new ideas. Years back we built the safest email in the world powered by Ethereum and IPFS. Today, we are not only disrupting markets with our own products, but we focus on helping our clients do the same.

We like to call ourselves the product guys – because we have over 10 years of product experience between us. MVP is made of 70% engineers, and 30% of business experts, all friends, and long term colleagues. We have experience in successful exits totaling over 20 million, and we are eager to share our knowledge with our clients.

Led by veterans in engineering and business development as Ivan Bjelajac (CEO), Malisa Pusonja (CTO), Antun Debak (CPO), MVP helps people and teams to turn ideas into products that scale. Passionate about developing products, systems, and working with people dedicated to building flat organizations, we are driven by a search for game-changing brands that improve consumers’ lives.


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