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About Motoblockchain

MotoBlockChain is the online platform that allow the creation of the Digital Identity of the motorcycle by granting to users the possibility to save related documentation and by using the Blockchain technology to make it unmodifiable.

The users can store all the documentation related to motorcycle’s history: revisions, ITV, accessories, modifications, preparations, evolution of the KM in time, etc.

The documentation’s immutability is guaranteed thanks to the Blockchain Time Stamp: it ensures that the documentation cannot be modified under any circumstances, in addition to certifying the date of upload on the platform.

The documentation stored over time will create a history of the motorcycle, comparable to a Digital Identity of the motorcycle.

The history will be used in the internal Marketplace at the time of reselling the motorcycle, thus adding value to the sale and generating trust between buyer and seller.

This will allow reaching a higher sales price for the seller and passing on the residual value of accessories and modifications in the sale price.


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