Kratos Platform

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About Kratos Platform

KRATOS is a custom built, blockchain enabled, end-to-end global trade finance and trading platform.

Kratos grew out of an opportunity that the leadership team saw in their trading business. According to World Trade Organization (WTO), there is an annual shortfall of $1.5 trillion in trade finance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This is a result of the Basel III capital requirements enactment – whereby increased fixed costs for loan sizes have pushed lenders towards larger loans for multi-national companies.

Kratos leverages advanced technology to address the unmet market need and help SMEs that lack access to funding unlock opportunities in trade finance and compete in the global market.

Joining forces with alternative lenders and private equity managers, the platform focuses on the SMEs that multinational corporations and banks neglect.

Kratos provides solutions for all dependencies – importers, exporters, traders, funds, insurers and shippers – through its module offerings that include trade finance, trading, trade credit insurance, logistics and risk management.

The blockchain-enabled platform allows all parties to a given transaction to have complete knowledge of its status and progress. This brings the much-needed visibility across the trade chain and increased efficiency to the trade finance processes.

Kratos streamlines transactions and reduces overhead costs while promoting sustainability, enhancing compliance and providing security throughout the trading and trade finance process.

The Kratos platform and its parent company (Triterras Fintech) have a global team and an established presence in key trading hubs like USA, Singapore, London, China, Hong Kong, Australia, and Dubai among other locations. The team will continue to innovate and spearhead changes to unlock more opportunities in global trade and trade finance.


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