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About Komende

Fintech Educational Platform, Komende is a modern media agency which employs innovative technology to present information about fintech and its applications in a simplified and friendly way that the average person can understand. Utilising the most relevant editorial properties, we educate and tell stories which will change the perception of fintech technology in a way that is both informative and entertaining. Rather than overwhelm the audience with content, we provide a resource for them to dive in and learn when and wherever they want.

Our content caters to people of all knowledge levels in the hope that they come away understanding these often overwhelming concepts, and further igniting their curiosity. We give them the skills to confidently comment on the fintech space, educate their peers, or even expand their investment portfolios. Our content is focused on but not limited to cryptocurrency, rather to understanding the importance of the fintech space as a whole. Likewise, our delivery is not limited to a single medium, but across a wide spectrum of digital, podcasts, and social media, and the latest communication media in development.

Learning Courses available for Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies, amongst many others…


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