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About knowRX

Personalized Medication Management – knowRX® is designed to promote well-being through an online platform for patient and physician engagement.

The “Personalized Medication Management” platform provides important drug information and current clinical research reports to assist healthcare providers and their patients in the selection of the right therapy for the individual. Through this user-friendly app, patients are offered access to counseling, genomics data for treatment compatibility, nutritional guidance, holistic insights, and clinical trial opportunities with relevant instructional videos. They will also be offered trending analysis regarding medication behavior… all with the goal of achieving the safest, most beneficial treatment outcomes.

knowRX® response to COVID-19 introduced, “Individual Health Insights” or IHI as an application that tracks a patients observed vital signs and symptoms, extends engagement to a primary care physician or Telehealth for monitoring and recommendations, then if needed navigation to advanced care at the best suitable time and location while keeping their loved ones updated.


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