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About Kaleido

The Blockchain Business Cloud – Kaleido is the only Full-Stack Blockchain-as-a-Service offering a turnkey solution that simplifies and accelerates the entire enterprise journey—from proof-of-concept to production. Designed for modern business networks, users can participate across clouds on Microsoft Azure and AWS, on-premise using the Kaleido Private Stack and across regions.

The service provides simple onboarding, distributed and proxy operator models, integrated block explorer, and analytics. Seamlessly and securely connect to other popular AWS and Azure services by linking your cloud account and enabling integrated services.

Kaleido currently offers choice between Ethereum protocol packages Geth, Pantheon and Quorum, and among consensus algorithms such as RAFT, IBFT, and POA. Enhance your private chain with public blockchain level security via an integrated state relay to the Ethereum mainnet or testnets for transaction anchoring.

Distributed networks aren’t truly distributed unless multiple parties can manage the network together. Kaleido’s integrated tooling is designed for collective governance of the network.


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