John Wick Security

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About John Wick Security

John Wick Security is cyber security service and solutions for blockchain. Only those who are aware of the threats can build an indestructible shield, thus the fundamental idea of the John Wick Cyber Security Lab. The John Wick Lab has a professional cyber security team, consisting of team members from Wooyun, Baidu Security, 360 Enterprise Security, Kanxue Research Institute and other well-known companies.

With digital property’s security as it’s major project, John Wick Lab has build security solutions for digital properties, both when it’s on exchanging and on the disk. John Wick Lab has also established connections with digital property Exchangers, providing solid security for their exchanging systems and digital wallets. Zhizi system is a self-developed blockchain monitoring system.With the cutting edge techs, it’s capable of chasing down all the malicious transactions on the chain,including Short Addr Attack, Transfer Overflow, Basic Information Changing,etc.It also supports user defining plug-ins,making it possible to support yet-unknown threats in the future. This might be vital for those digital property exchangers, buying them time to eliminate the threats and protect the properties from being stolen.

The JohnWick Security laboratory was selected into the Ethereine official smart contract audit cooperation organization. Through the intelligent contract audit, the public chain contract exceeds 600 copies,with Huobi, Binance, ZB, Coinsuper, CoinTiger, ChainUP and Bixin have established deep cooperation relationships with dozens of blockchain security partners.


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