Inspecto Solutions

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About Inspecto Solutions

Inspecto solutions was founded to provide a solution for the proper means to identify the presence of contaminant residues in food. Contaminants are a problem across the global food industry. Growers, producers, handlers, retailers, and end consumers are subjected daily to contaminants from pesticides, herbicides, over-fertilization, and cross-contamination.

Current methods for detecting contaminants only offer a partial solution for businesses in the food industry. They are extremely expensive, aren’t available “on the ground” at the most relevant points of contact, and do not generate valuable data to minimize revenue loss. In addition, they are primarily focused on pesticides and overlook the industry’s “wish list” of the most common contaminants. For consumers, no simple, reliable and affordable product exists.

Inspecto is here to disrupt the food industry and make a social impact with the goal to improve our health and quality of life.


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