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About ICTE

Interplanetary Crypto Token Exchange – The financial markets are global, dependent on each other, and very mature. Since their inception, they have created millions of financial instruments. In 2008, financial markets went from a centralized to distributed structure. This created trust that it had been lacking between counter parties especially in bilateral trading.

Fast forward to 2018, and this set the stage for one of the most exciting times for financial markets to expand.

Modeling of trust between distributed processes, with the lead of Blockchain technology, has finally found the possibility to expand beyond our current limitations. This is something for which the global market was desperately looking. The current Blockchain technology stack finally allows us to build fully distributed personal exchanges with Smart Algorithms, and improves the needs of anonymity, market granularity, immutability, and access, and finally produces detailed statistics to optimize the future humanitarian growth.

And most excitingly, the blockchain presents us the ability to use distributed processing for financial transactions without a human being needed to validate the process. Tokens can be brought into financial markets in places where they couldn’t be brought in before, and most industries can use tokens to manage financial transactions in a way to expand globally without the prior multiple challenges of the past.

We believe that entire financial market will move into the cryptocurrency space and blockchain will continue to expand dynamically into a vast array of other services.

We intend to be leading part of this exciting new marketplace.


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