Creating Your Business Listing is Easy!

Only three quick actions to get your service, product or business listing online and live today.
If you’ve already created a user profile you can progress to Step 2. If your listing has been created by another user, you can skip Step 2.

1. Register or Sign-in

The first action to create a business listing is to register your profile. This will give you access to your dashboard, and a suite of business tools to control and promote your company listing.

Create Your Profile

Simply Sign-In or Register, and create an account using your name or create a profile for your company.

When your profile is created, you can easily edit business or personal information in your dashboard. Until a business listing is created or claimed, you’ll only have access to your profile, bookmarks and reviews you’ve done for other companies.

Check and review the information, whilst completing your profile.

2.1 Choose Your Plan

Select a suitable Business Listing Plan (Monthly & Annual Options)

If you only require a basic listing without website or premium tools, you can start on a Free plan and upgrade later to enjoy more features, content and exposure.

Once you’ve signed in, select Add Listing from your dashboard or our homepage.

Most people create a single listing for their Company. If you have multiple brands, we advise you to create separate listings. This allows you to promote each brand with specific content and branding to improve your categorisation, engagement and reach.

Paid listings offer more Features & Categories. Choose the best plan for you!

2.2 Create Your Business Listing

Our systems make it easy to create your listing. Use the simple submit listing form to enter your company, contact details and product information.

The process is made quicker for you by automating the population of data using our clever Fill-O-Bot and Google APIs.

We recommend that you enter relevant information including; description, tech features, keywords & tags. This will support your supplier search results.

Priority; select business categories applicable to your company, service or niche. Upload a business logo, and images for the gallery and feature. Images bring your listing to life!

  • Logo: 128x128px
  • Feature Image: 1024x660px
  • Gallery Images: 1024x660px

2.3 Pay and Publish

You’re nearly done listing your business on the directory. You have checked your information, and it’s time to pay and publish.

We accept payment via Stripe, PayPal, or Direct Bank Transfer. Payments made through PayPal or Stripe, your listing will be live when the payment has been processed and listing has been quality checked. Bank Transfers can cause delays, and you will need to wait until funds clear before your listing will be live online.

A VAT invoice will be emailed to your registered email account.

2.4 Edit Your Listing

Inside your dashboard we provide a simple form for editing. You can amend details about your Company, Services and Products; so that your listing is kept up to date. 

Claimed Business Listing

3. Claim Your Listing

The last action to list your business. Confirm your listing is live by visiting your page and ‘Claim‘ it as your own. (Profile Sidebar)

Any registered user can create business listings. They’re not required to own or be employed by the company. If someone has kindly created your listing, take charge of your profile by claiming it.

Our team will validate your claim and link it to your account. If you’re not on a payment plan, you can remain on the free plan or Upgrade to the plan of your choice.

Claimed listing encourage trust as they display the Blue Verified Listing Tick.