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HACERA is a US-based technology company which focuses on identity, privacy and secure multi-party information exchange.

Hacera started by building a security framework that significantly simplifies the Access Control Management (who can see what, who can do what, who did what, etc.) on blockchains.

Its speciality and focus is highly secure Authentication, Authorization and Auditing/Accounting (AAA) services on blockchains and moved on to extend our offerings to multi-cloud deployments.

HACERA is focused on regulated deployment environments, where institutions that must comply with stringent policies regarding privacy, sensitive data processing and service availability. Built for scalability, HACERA seamlessly protects participants’ identity properties, even when stored across multiple identity systems, using strong cryptography.

This include Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs), secure key-exchange algorithms as well as PKI-based security schemes. Intelligent Data and Digital-Asset Exchange — Anytime, Anywhere.


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