GreenBox POS

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About GreenBox POS

GreenBox POS (GBOX) is a publicly traded technology company that builds customized, Blockchain-based payment solutions. Based in San Diego with offices in Seattle, Las Vegas, and Vancouver, we develop individual disruptive applications integrated with an end-to-end suite of financial products that benefit most industries. We have been awarded five provisional patents for our technology.


GREENBOX POS is a fully-integrated, secure, Blockchain-based POS system that includes compliance, financial audit prep, expense tracking, tax payments, register-specific features, and data fidelity controls.

Our software is developed both in-house and with international subsidiaries. GBOX also develops the required electronics modifications in partnership with different vendors to create Point of Sale machines that are an upgraded offering from existing solutions as well as custom built blockchain ATM machines.

QUICKCARD provides a Blockchain tech-powered E-Wallet that can be loaded via a downloadable Android or iOS app or a cash loading kiosk installed in participating merchant locations.

The QuickCard Kiosk handles all cash management issues, physical and virtual. The Kiosk, integral to the QuickCard payment platform, performs direct and immediate deposits from cash to blockchain and confirms bank account availability instantly. There is no faster deposit solution available today. We simply take the concept of cash machines at bank branches and generalize it. You can deposit your cash at the Kiosk and immediately use it at a retailer nearest you. The QuickCard payment infrastructure, capable of instantly settling transactions, having unparalleled security with fully integrated Blockchain secured ledger technology, also includes offline functionality and cold storage capabilities.

LOOPZ is a software solution for mobile delivery service operations with full autonomous dispatch capabilities. It offers service dispatchers back-end technology with manual and automatic modes.

GreenBox is here to leverage your business potential through advanced blockchain powered technology.


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