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About GiFang

In Chinese Mandarin, Gi means collecting or to collect, Fang means houses or properties. Together, GiFang means collecting properties, and that’s indeed our responsibility for Chinese property buyers around the world.

was estGiFang Groupablished in 2010, headquartered at Melbourne, Australia. Since day one, we have been striving to provide the most transparent, complete and timely property information and transaction services to our Chinese buyers, as well as providing our advertisers and vendors with market-leading tools and services in order to maximise their return on investment. The 1st day that became online went back to January 2011. We were the world’s 1st Chinese portal specialised in overseas real estate. For over 8 years, we have been listening to and acting on valuable feedback from numerous clients, including advertisers, real estate agencies, real estate developers, and Chinese buyers, continuously improving our model and services. During these years, not only have we accumulated 100,000,000+ data points, we have also helped facilitate over $2 bn in transactions.

Today, around the world, GiFang works with various industry associations, real estate developers, agencies, banks, financial and insurance firms, legal and accountancy firms, multiple governments from various countries and states. Real estate professionals/vendors list their properties on GiFang, where we combine data, tools and services to ‘tokenise’ properties to help global investors achieve their ROI. With our proposed blockchain technology, we are creating GiFang Tokens (GFT) that grow in value in accordance to the growth of properties invested. This means GiFang will become a secondary market using GFT as the only currency for transactions.


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