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About FunFair Technologies

Blockchain Solutions For Gaming – Our goal is a world of truly fair, decentralised online gaming powered by blockchain technology.

Leveraging the transparency and security of the blockchain, the protocol and platform developed by the FunFair Group are the foundation for a pioneering gaming ecosystem which links all participants in real-time. A fairer, more user-friendly experience for players and a more efficient tool for

We bring a fun and – importantly – fair approach to online gaming. How do we achieve this? We have developed state-of-the-art technology to positively disrupt the online gaming world. We have built the world’s first casino platform powered by blockchain technology, which ensures that players have a secure, transparent and fair experience. We develop the platform, the protocol and the games, which we then license to a new breed of operator.

Initially, we were tech entrepreneur and renowned investor Jez San OBE (just Jez to us in the office), and fellow founders and tech aficionados Jeremy Longley and Oliver Hopton. Together they envisaged a world of fair, decentralised gaming in 2013 having seen the potential of blockchain to change the world. FunFair Technologies then emerged in April 2017, and it’s been a success story ever since.

FunFair’s first day in the office saw just five people working to turn this innovative idea into a reality. Fast forward to today and we have almost 50 of the smartest blockchain and gaming minds in the FunFair team.


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