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About Fr8 Network

Logistics & Supply Chain – Introducing Fr8 Network, a new paradigm for the US freight and global logistics industry.

Fr8 Network is building a protocol, the Fr8 Protocol, and suite of product offerings, the Fr8 Marketplace, that provide vastly improved solutions for the logistics industry as a whole, leveraging blockchain technology at its core.

Built with key logistics industry stakeholders, the Fr8 Protocol will enable a set of global standards and precisely targeted incentivization structure to provide benefit to actors throughout the supply chain. As a decentralized protocol layer that defines the rules and connectivity for communication and data management between logistics applications, this will allow any permissioned system to connect to the same data set as the single source of truth, creating seamless coordination and information flow among stakeholders.

The company is developing accessible blockchain-enabled proprietary enterprise solutions for shippers, carriers and brokers. Our focus is on providing tools, resources and data to small and mid-sized U.S. trucking businesses that were previously only available to the largest players.

Fr8 Network, Realigning Consciousness with the logistics industry.


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