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Fohat group are working to trigger the positive transformation of other people’s lives with energy intelligence elsewhere in the world. We made our purpose tangible by making innovative solutions in business models, products and services to digitally integrate generation, distribution into the energy commercialization market. These solutions result in energy efficiency, cheaper electricity, democratization of access and rational use of natural resources so that they are preserved for these and future generations.

Proudly a Brazilian energy intelligence company in the Energy sector, which has been building an international reference spot in 3D Energy and blockchain. We have projects in Curitiba, São Paulo, Santiago (Chile) and Melbourne (Australia) with the help of a multidisciplinary team based in different locations and managed by the headquarters in Brazil (Curitiba and São Paulo) and Australia (Melbourne and Adelaide).

Energy is a production good, a commodity in a market that is organized differently in each country. There are markets that operate in a totally free environment, in others in fully regulated environments and, in others, in a hybrid way – in Brazil it is a hybrid case, where 70% of the energy generated in the country is traded in a Regulated Contracting Environment (ACR) and 30% in the Free Contracting Environment (ACL).

Integration Line: Solutions that ensure the control of power generation assets in arrangements such as microgrids and virtual power plants, as well as ancillary services process management.

Trading Line: Solutions that ensure the digitization of energy trading to promote peer-to-peer transactive energy (P2PTE) using blockchain, tokenomics, artificial intelligence, advanced metering, and big data.


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