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About FilmoCrat™ | The Spectators’ Blockchain

FilmoCrat™ is an NFT film releasing platform that provides coded access to member-only film funding. It turns premium movies into crypto-managed enterprises – with digital shares and the corresponding ROI sent directly to stakeholders.

Bankrolling entertainment is a trillion-dollar business that hasn’t developed NFT chain-payoff automation yet.

FilmoCrat closes that gap.


Q What is a FilmoCrat NFT?

The FilmoCrat enabled non-fungible Token (NFT) provides access to coded film funding - with digital shares stored on the blockchain and the corresponding ROI sent directly to stakeholders' accounts.

Q How does the FilmoCrat NFT work?

The Token notarizes film copyrights and funders' rights to profit as a code to automate movie revenues and clear related payments in electronic cash. Such an NFT represents an online movie venture. It transports participants' share-cap information into the VOD streaming site and thus manages stakeholders' revenue.

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Nigels 1 Reviews
Merging the Blockchain, NFT's, and Film Investment

Great concept for merging Blockchain technology, NFT’s, and Film investment. When enabled this concept could rework how filmmakers tackle film funding, marketing their content, and actually receive a ROI.

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