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About Farm2Kitchen

A Global Farmers Marketplace – Innovation and quality starts with traditional research and development but goes beyond technology to include a full understanding of customer needs. Simply said, we are committed to ensuring our innovations translate into real value for our customers.

Farm2Kitchen® Group of companies is involved in:Delivering IT solutions for the complex global food chain issues. Food service operations with distribution of food and grocey through B2B channels and B2C (Good Food Retail Stores). Working with farmers and helping them leverage Technology and Communication solutions to improve yield and connecting with right markets.

Traceability solutions by Farm2Kitchen® Blockchain provide an excellent way to be sure food conforms to the requirements of people’s religious beliefs or respects their lifestyle choices. Various bodies around the world have been created to certify that food and food premises are halal, kosher, organic or eco-friendly. Farm2Kitchen® Blockchain Traceability Platform can make their work easier. Farm2Kitchen® is also distrupting the Organic Food Traceability and Distribution from Institutional system of trust to Distributed system of trust.


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