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About Fainin

LEND ANYTHING YOU WANT & BORROW ANYTHING YOU NEED! Fainin is a sharing community which unlocks the benefits of access over ownership. Connecting people to the things they need or want, help create new experiences, build relationships and support a sustainable environment.

Fainin’s community run marketplace offers access to thousands of items to users, from action cameras for adventures, power tools to install a new kitchen or professional music equipment for a travelling artist. Fainin’s unique inclusive platform opens up entrepreneurship to anyone through the monetization of their belongings.

Leveraging an end-to-end insurance policy facilitates secure transactions to help drive trust within the community. By supporting the transition to a shared economy with a easy-to-use app, Fainin aims to be the world’s leading sharing platform.

Frustrated by the resources and limitations required to access certain items Fainin’s founders were united by a passion for the sharing economy and a drive to support a more sustainable environment. In the summer of 2017 they set out to build a product that makes a real impact on the way people live, connect and share and ultimately make sharing cheaper, better, easier and more fun.

Sharing is not a new idea, but Fainin puts sharing into a modern context. By creating a shared economy community marketplace Fainin has opened up access to thousands of items that may have been unreachable or an unjustified purchase in the past, and users keep all the advantages at a much lower cost, all while consuming fewer physical resources.


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