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About Enigio

Enigio Time AB is an innovation company founded in Stockholm 2012. The team consisting of senior developers, researchers and experienced business enablers. All with long history in the financial tech as well as archival science and tech. We are passionate about providing solutions enabling secure and available digital data in more digitized business processes.

• trace:original – Use trace:original to replace your paper originals with digital documents, while retaining full control of ownership, copies, and amendments.
• time:beat – Use time:beat to timestamp your digital files of all types. You can then prove when the files were created and that they have not changed since then.
• e:Archiver – Use e:Archiver to easily archive your files in a future proof format, with powerful metadata handling and search options.

• Our world manages enormous amounts of digital data that is in a constant process of creation and change.
• Digital information does not have the physical attributes that helps traceability and it can easily be manipulated.
• It becomes increasingly harder to judge what is true and what really happened.

• To help in creating a world where truth will prevail
• Offer innovative solutions to ensure consistency, integrity and traceability of digital information in time as well as protecting it from manipulation
• Create independent proof that cannot be manipulated showing what happened, when and in what order
• Support the new EU bylaw eIDAS

• Our solutions are built on blockchain technology and the principles of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).
• At the same time as we invent new solutions we adhere to technology standards if they exist (as we move ahead of the pack that is sometimes not possible). We have approved patents in Sweden and three approved world PCT patents now pending in US and EU.


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