Energy & Power: Blockchain is fast becoming a catalyst for change in the energy industry and across all verticals, be that Oil & Gas, Wind or Solar… Increasing numbers of Distributed Energy Grids “DERs” are likely to empower people and communities across the globe. Blockchain in energy is facilitating new business services and products, including innovative energy trading models that can convert energy consumers into producers, potentially selling power back to the grid. Blockchain energy solutions are varied and can be applied on a personal and enterprise level.


Decentralizing Power

cat-icon European Union (EU)


Decentralized Energy Assets

cat-icon Greater Houston Area, Southern US


Energy Intelligence & Energy Trading Platform


Platform for the Convergence of Digital and Physical Worlds

cat-icon Great Lakes, Midwestern US

Energy Web Foundation

A global nonprofit accelerating a low-carbon, customer-centric electricity system by unleashing bloc

cat-icon European Union (EU)

Grid Singularity

oss engine that simulates and operates custom localised energy exchanges forming a transactive grid

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