Duality Blockchain Solutions

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About Duality Blockchain Solutions

Duality blockchain provides solutions for secure data storage and verification to both companies and the public through the use of a hybrid public/private network.

Data is stored securely and verified automatically via a shared ledger, supported by the two blockchains Sequence(SEQ) and Dynamic(DYN). This removes the requirement for many needed resources, third-parties, maintenance, unneeded costs and time.

BaaS brings blockchain to non-blockchain businesses, solving critical privacy/security issues, lowering overhead and risk of unauthorized data access.

BDAP adds users, groups, linking and domains to our decentralized blockchains (like a phonebook) facilitating BaaS applications and services.

pShare is a Privacy oriented peer to peer file and folder sharing application allowing the sharing of data with explicit authorization.

pSign is a document signature and workflow application, allowing secure digital signing and providing templates, libraries and full automation.

NoID connects an irreversible biometric hash to a healthcare records, ensuring a valid match. NoID is a much safer patient identifier than anything currently available and ultimately saves lives.

InstantSend is a utility to automatically verify and settle a data transfer within seconds. Fees and costs normally incurred by transferring data quickly are reduced via the use of blockchain technology.

Fluid allows Duality to make crucial changes within minutes to blockchain parameters, without the need for users to change the software they are using or interrupt the network.


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