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About Dominode

Dominode is building trusted professional identity solutions leveraging blockchain, smart contracts, and crypto technologies to accelerate business in a highly-connected world.

The Dominode platform offers permissioned access to a global business network; validation by trusted sources supported by proof of assertion documents; hyper-secure and multiple key encryptions; and mobile biometric authentication enforces security and portability.

Designed to maximize protection, privacy, and portability, the Dominode platform secures the integrity of all data, documents and processes, and gives the owner unprecedented control over when and where documents are shared across multiple channels.

Dominode operates as a distributed trust system inside a Permissioned Blockchain, where professionals, businesses, governments and other trading partners verify and accept the certification of other entities so that business transactions no longer start at square one—our goal is to streamline, secure and accelerate the compliance process.

The team has more than 100 years’ experience architecting and managing complex product development and delivery, including 60 years’ in highly regulated industries.

Dominode is an Equal Opportunity Employer with a globally distributed team.

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