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Publishing & Content Policy:

We adhere to a stringent editorial policy that is guided by quality, relevancy, trust, and objectivity.

Mandatory Advertising Guidelines:

Our priority is to ensure our platform is used in a trustworthy and transparent manner. We do not conduct business with companies or individuals that promote any form of guaranteed rewards/returns, or use deceptive marketing techniques. The organisation should be open and verifiable.

Advertising Vetting – Screening:

  • We try our best to screen and vet potential advertisers, and weed out unscrupulous parties.
  • Zero tolerance on any advertisers promoting any form of Ponzi scheme, or harmful activity.
  • Claimed business listing are updated by the company agent, and responsible for accuracy.

Personal Responsibility:

you are expected to undertake your own due diligence and research before making any investment, and where appropriate consult a registered advisor.

Within the Crypto landscape you will see potential investments and ICO opportunities. These should be treated with a high level of caution and should be thoroughly investigated before any transaction is made. (We do not endorse any investments or specific business, product or service)

Please contact us if you have comments or information that can help us to Police the site effectively.

Transparency & Openness:

Writers, contributors and researchers are expected to disclose personal interests regarding business or projects mentioned in the blog post. Contributions should be unbiased and objective. A disclaimer shown at the end of the post will inform readers and maintain publishing transparency.

Reputable News Sources:

We regularly produce bytesize news and bring together top stories from the world of blockchain. When covering noteworthy stories, we only cover news that we believe are relevant and reported from trustworthy sources and agencies.

Attribution & Credit:

Writers and contributors are required to attribute any sourced material used to the original creator or owner and respect copyright.

Contributors & Journalists – Thought Pieces:

We encourage opinions and articles from journalists, thought leaders and industry Professionals. The authors’ opinions and views contained in these articles, do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of 1blockchaintechnology.

PR Disclaimer:

*We do not endorse any Company, Investments, Cryptocurrency, Products or Service listed or displayed on the website. We operate as a neutral publisher and advertising platform of business information.

PR/Press release published on our blog are sponsored and paid for by companies, agencies and advertisers wishing to reach an audience of blockchain technology enthusiasts.

*Blockchain Technology Ltd is an independent company.

If you have any concern regarding a published press release, please contact us and share your concern so that we can investigate and take any required steps.

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Commercial Operating Model:

Blockchain Technology Ltd operates the website for the purpose of profit. Our core service is a Business Directory offering advertising and promotion services to blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency companies and Professionals.

Our products and services include; supplier directory, advertising, events, news, articles, resources.

Our revenue is created by the selling of business directory listings, sponsored promotions, and advertising banners. We collaborate with key partners and affiliates that add value or support to our niche, customers and audience. These can provide a commission payment to 1blockchaintechnology for a referral or sale.

Our operating costs include software development, server hosting, technical support, copywriting & journalism, marketing, SEO, administration, insurance, employee and contractor salaries/costs, legal and accounting…

We hope this provides our audience and clients with clarity into our business and website.

Business Listing Disclaimer:

1blockchaintechnology does not endorse any business listed on the website, and merely operate as a neutral publisher and advertising platform of business information.

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Cryptocurrency Listing Disclaimer:

1blockchaintechnology does not endorse any of the coins, cryptocurrencies or associated products and services listed on our website.

Our audience are encouraged to undertake proper due diligence before making any investment and where appropriate consult a registered advisor. Any potential investment should be treated with a high level of caution and should be thoroughly researched before any transaction is made.

Please contact us if you have information that can help us investigate any Cryptocurrency discrepancy.