ID – Digital Identity Management Solutions of the past have been insecure, fragmented and siloed. Blockchain has been designed to store huge amount of data in an immutable form. Secured through cryptography on different servers Blockchain delivers securer storage and management of digital credentials by providing, interoperable, unified and tamper proof infrastructure with impactful benefits to users, enterprises, and IoT management systems.

cat-icon Carrer de la Marinada, 14, 08230 Matadepera, Barcelona, España


The Digital Identity of your Motorcycle guaranteed by the innovative Blockchain technology.

cat-icon Malaga, Andalucía 29738, ES


Empowering & Protecting the Digital Identity


The Modern Login Box: Trustless Authentication for Decentralized Identity.

cat-icon Greater New York Area, East Coast, Northeastern US


Disrupting the way people make transactions with unlimited frictionless protocol.

cat-icon European Union (EU)


A Blockchain platform for digitally managing asset ownership

cat-icon Asia-Pacific (APAC)


An innovative age verification solution in your hands

cat-icon European Union (EU)

Aventus Systems

Aventus is a digital assets-focused blockchain-based protocol.

cat-icon 160 Fleet Street, London, England GB


Fully automated digital identity verification built to ensure the security of the internet

cat-icon Nordic Countries, Scandinavia

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