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About D-Core

At D-CORE, we’ve built a collaborative, distributed research engine for blockchain researchers and enthusiasts worldwide to study and analyse blockchain projects in fundraising stages. Through this engine, we produce detailed, objective investment reports and advice that can dramatically increase a blockchain projects’ success chances.

The D-CORE research methodology is strict but comprehensive: Researchers use every piece of available information to break down all aspects of a blockchain project and rate them accordingly. Thanks to this, your customers can have us perform the heavy lifting of their initial due diligence, discover deal-breaking strengths and weaknesses and use this information to improve their project. Knowing them can help you decide if a project is ready for funding or whether you should focus on the issues identified.

D-CORE services will also walk you through this process: After running your project through our research engine, we’ll create an in-depth, objective investment report and provide a detailed rating designed to pinpoint any issues it might have.

We’ll also help you communicate these strengths more effectively and give you actionable feedback to help the team round-up their weaknesses/areas that require further focus. Working with you and your clients, we can help you connect with specialists within our network, ranging from early adopters to PhD researchers/academics and providing mentor services to help
both of you understand and thrive in the blockchain panorama.

D-Core also has it’s podcast – Blockchain People (available on all platforms).


Q What is it that D-Core does?

D-Core looks to bridge the gap between projects in the blockchain space and traditional investors. D-Core does this through it's research engine and decentralized team of blockchain researchers that then produce a professional report.

Q Who is D-Core for?

D-Core's institutional grade research reports can be used by retail investors / institutional investors / early stage projects / exchanges / marketing.

Given D-Core's decentralized nature, the reports produced are free from bias. This makes D-Core the ideal for investors, who far to often are lost in the sea of noise that is put out by marketers and often make it hard to judge a project on it's true merits.

D-Core can also provide assistance to exchanges to perform their due diligence when assessing new projects to list.

Projects can also benefit directly by having their project assessed by D-Core. This can provide valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of that project. The best performing projects will be awarded a "Reviewed by D-Core" badge on their reports.

These reports can be used publicly to show the community the value of a project and attract a more serious investment demographic.

Q Can D-Core help with securing funding?


D-Core has it's own network of institutional investors which already use D-Core's reports as part of their investment assessment process. D-Core will circulate the best reviewed projects throughout it's network.

Q Can D-Core help with exchange listings?

Yes, of course!

While D-Core reports can be used by projects as part of the submission process for listings on exchanges - D-Core also has contacts with the leading crypto exchanges.

Q Can I become a project researcher?

Researchers are able to apply via the D-Core website with the only prerequisite being passion about the blockchain space.

Applications will be screened by our inhouse team and approved applicants will be able to start reviewing the latest projects in the blockchain space. D-Core offers great incentives for it's researchers.


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