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About Cygnus

Cygnus represents the world’s largest Information Technology (IT) Network with millions of connections such as communities, companies, international research and development organizations, Global 500 enterprises and governments, generating hundreds of billions of dollars in yearly revenue and with operations in 200+ countries. (Blockchain – E-Commerce – Social & Gaming – IoT – AI – NeuroTech)

Cygnus Network launched in January 2018, bringing together 20+ years of industry knowledge, experience and expertise mixed with high-level strategy and execution run by people who care, now covering 30+ industries, the key component of Cygnus Network is its ability to connect and combine a shared workforce with like-minded organizations and individuals based on shared causes, mission and vision aimed to deliver substantial positive change to the world, committed to create a sustainable and better future through innovation driven by integrity.

Leveraging the network factor instead of relying on a single centralized entity allows Cygnus Network to expand beyond any other company reach acting through a globally distributed architecture of connections. We are Social Innovators driven by positive impact, we share our social committment and contribution in order to achieve sustainable Social Change through Technology Innovation.

Mission: Cygnus mission is to be more than a company, a community powered movement, where everyone has its own share of the network, to establish a common mental & social state of prosperity empowering the people and participating, involving all the contributors to the network, in first place to the resolution of some of the world’s biggest challanges driven by a sense of integrity.


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