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About CreativitySafe

The innovative and advantageous solution for the defense of intellectual property and copyright.

Protect your ideas with CreativitySafe. By registering on the blockchain through CreativitySafe you can: attribute a certain date to your creations and draw up an effective “Author proof dossier” that demonstrates your ownership of the work .

The European Parliament is showing considerable sensitivity to the use of blockchain as an effective support for the protection of intellectual property, so much so that it has declared that ” DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) can allow the tracking and management of intellectual property and facilitate the protection of rights copyright and patents “. Depositing only the representative file of the Work may not be sufficient to prove paternity. This is why we have structured an online registration process that allows you to build a “Dossier proof of authorship” that effectively proves the ownership of your work.

Blockchain and legal support.


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