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About Creative Investment Research

Creative Investment Research create new tools, models and ways of thinking to help investors maximize social and financial returns. We use new approaches to solve old challenges that now concern social problems. New technology is only part of the solution. Without new ideas, tech tools will not only fail to live up to their potential, but they may give rise to entirely new problems. We research and invent new investment based solutions to entrenched social issues. We create impact investing vehicles, programs, projects applications and prototypes that maximize financial and social return.

Working with stakeholders and clients to co-design investment initiatives and the strategy that drives them. We conduct market, public policy and regulatory analysis. We measure impact performance. What we’ve learned: Impact investing is never a “straight-line” process. It is neither quick nor easy. It requires time, agility and flexibility.

CIR help introduce new ideas and work to set standards. We are objective, independent advisors and impact investment creators. We adopt innovation to organizations and markets. Clients obtain up-to-date knowledge and models of impact investing innovation. We provoke discussion and debate, finishing with modelling to help determine projected outcomes.


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