Connecting Food

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About Connecting Food

Linking Together The Entire Food Chain – “Connecting Food” is making food more transparent for everyone on the food chain, from farmers to consumers.

There is a food revolutiong going on : on the one hand, consumers no longer trust the food brands, and the food industry behind them.
On the other hand, cooperatives, food producers and manufacturers need help to leverage current traceability & auditing procedures to prove that their products respect their promises.

Connecting Food is a blockchain platform gathering all production data from farm to store, and showcasing it to the consumers through a QR code printed on the product’s pack.

Taking the pain out of traceability and auditing.
We enhance food safety thanks to our real-time alterts about products’ quality.
We reduce industrial food wastage thanks to our B2B dashboard with real-time visibitity over all the production line.
We build and protect brand equity thanks to our web-app.


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