Cleantech or Clean Technology; As the world moves towards renewable and cleaner energy. Blockchain Technology has the potential for smart grid applications and community empowerment through optimised grids, energy storage, trading and transparency. Blockchain has paved the way for the same by tracking the carbon footprints and providing real-time tracking mechanisms. Explore cleantech products and suppliers making the world cleaner…

The Aclyd Group

AclydX (pronounced Act-Lid-X) is an environmental project developer and rewards platform.


Offset by Design

cat-icon 1 Victoria Street, Bristol, England BS1 6, GB

Grid Singularity

oss engine that simulates and operates custom localised energy exchanges forming a transactive grid

MotionWerk GmbH

Global Leaders in Blockchain & Mobility

cat-icon Opernplatz 1, Essen, 45128, DE

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