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About Chainflux

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions & Services – The promise of blockchain is hyper-efficient organizations. And Chainflux’s end-to-end blockchain applications development and deployment services help you become one.

Founded in 2018, Chainflux is a Bangalore-based, sector agnostic, end-to-end blockchain projects and applications development company. Our team is a made up of seasoned blockchain engineers, project analysts and blockchain architects with more than a decade of collective blockchain development experience. We specialize in Ethereum and NEO blockchains but have worked extensively with Wanchain, EOS, AION, Hyperledger Fabric and Zilliqa as well.

Services include:
Blockchain Engineering (including Private Blockchains)
Smart Contracts Development and Security Audit
End-to-End Dapps Development
Token Marketing Consultation

If you are a blockchain project and looking to outside help for developing your project or an SMB looking to blockchain for business process augmentation and improvement, drop us a line.


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