Chain Partners

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About Chain Partners

Top Crypto Company In Korea – Chain Partners is Korea’s first blockchain company builder. We build, develop, invest, and accelerate blockchain companies. Chain Partners has a presence in every core area of the blockchain ecosystem – including blockchain development and advisory, exchanges and payment services, trading and investment, and media and education.

Since its founding in August 2017, Chain Partners has raised nearly $13M in seed and Series A funding from INBlockchain, DSC Investments, Capstone Partners, and DS Asset Management. The team consists of over 80+ entrepreneurs, engineers, and blockchain technologists.

Blockchain development and advisory:
EOSYS – Founding block producer on EOS, creator of EOSscan
Polaris – Public blockchain for enterprise applications
Tokenomia – Tokenization advisory service

Exchanges and payment services:
Coinduck – Ethereum based payment service
Daybit – Cryptocurrency exchange

Trading and investment:
CP Research Center – Korea Cryptocurrency Market Index (KCMI) with Maeil Business Newspaper
CP Crypto Fund – Trading, investing, and tokenization
CP OTC Trading Desk – Institutional clients and HNI investors

Media and education:
Decenter – Blockchain media company partnered with Seoul Economic Daily
Decenter University – Blockchain education platform
Coinsight – Multichannel influencer network


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